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Join date: Aug 3, 2023


For nearly three decades, Roland has trained in the Clear Vision system, becoming Carolann's friend, fellow director and co-author of all three MBSDO books, Carolann’s Pathway, Carolann’s Progression and Jordon's Pathway.

“When it all started, I had no aspiration to do anything spiritual with my life, no religious background or any kind of spiritual understanding . The very concept of developing myself and my clear vision were alien to me and I was a complete novice. That means when you join any of our programmes, we understand that what you learn has to be instantly relevant to your own life and it has to be presented in a way that you can understand and that can be used instantly today, so that you can grow and move your life forwards from day one. We're not trying to impose a format on you, or give you a set of rules, instead, we are presenting a system used practically by countless other students and one that works in the real world.

I continue to learn every day on this amazing voyage, knowing that each of us has the ability to open the spiritual side of our natures. Through the MBSDO's unique teaching we are able to provide you with all the tools you need to embark upon your own spiritual journey.

My eyes have opened to a more complete understanding of what life offers. I have received so much through pursuing the exercises and the benefits permeate all aspects of my life. I can truly say that I am now myself fully.

Clear vision has totally changed my perspective so that my innermost beliefs on the meaning of life and what we can hope to get out of it have been turned on their head, not because I have found a faith to cling to, but because I have seen the proof. I know too of many people who firmly believe they have had their eyes opened and now recognise just what clear vision can deliver. For me clear vision has provided a personal realisation of a wider universe, explanations for much unexplained psychic phenomena, and thus broadened my mental horizons.

I continue to see people growing and gaining fulfilment by incorporating these teachings into their lives, or benefitting from those who can guide them with their own clear vision.

Perhaps unsurprisingly I am incredibly passionate about this method of teaching having experienced it and having seen what it can do for those who use it in their lives. It's actually an honour to work for Spirit and to help each and every student to a stage where they too can work directly with the World of Spirit themselves.


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    Relax & Let Go
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Roland Bush-Cavell
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