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Your Pathway to Spiritual Freedom Begins Here

Carolann's World of Spirit and the Mind Body Soul Development Organisation Ltd. were created by our Founder Carolann.  

Here you can develop your Clear Vision, Communication with the World of Spirit and Healing, either 1 to 1 or in a  friendly group class.  Learn all aspects of spirituality, including Clear Vision, Dream Analysis, Angel Healing and Spirit Guide Communication.  Find greater clarity with a Clear Vision Consultation or Spiritual Counselling.  Even the Structure and Geography of Spirit World  can be discovered.  If it has a spiritual source, you can open the doorway to development here.


Carolann Frankie

Founder and Teacher

Carolann's unique connection with the World of Spirit is the foundation of all our work.   "The originators and architects of my spiritual development are my teachers and guides in Spirit World, who made themselves known to me over four decades ago.  From that moment on, my life changed forever.  They helped  develop my gifts,  teaching me how to focus, visualise, open and expand my Clear Vision, learning the language of symbolics, colours and the meaning of life.  These same spiritual friends are with me still, having created a bond of love and trust that continues to this day. 

For decades I have been able help and develop people.  Here you can find answers to your problems, cope with stress, relieve depression, determine your own future and understand both the purpose and the part we play in life.  To me, this pathway of Clear Vision and being part of the universal energy is a natural part of life.


Because it comes from a source beyond our human ability to reason, with the potential to take us to far higher levels of understanding, the power of this teaching is limitless.  Many of the people I worked with in the early years have become my friends; each of them learning how to  use their Clear Vision to help themselves and others. 


By following this pathway we can recognise life's preciousness and achieve the happiness we have within. Through using this approach we can understand life and by recognising and being accountable for our actions, develop greater depths of inner peace.

It is in your own hands.  Look forwards and let your future begin now.

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Roland Bush-Cavell

Director/  Author/ Teacher

For nearly three decades, Roland has trained in the Clear Vision system, becoming Carolann's friend, fellow director and co-author of all three MBSDO books, Carolann’s Pathway, Carolann’s Progression and Jordon's Pathway. 


“When it all started,  I had no aspiration to do anything spiritual with my life, no religious background or any kind of spiritual understanding . The very concept of developing myself and my clear vision were alien to me.


The years of focusing and learning about the energies that surround us has been truly fascinating. I have learned how incredible the universe is, and that we can see far more deeply into it, and into ourselves, than many of us would imagine.

 Knowing that each of us has the ability to open the spiritual side of our natures,  I see people growing and gaining fulfilment by incorporating these teachings into their lives, benefitting from those who can guide them with their own Clear Vision.

Clear vision has totally changed my perspective so that my innermost beliefs on the meaning of life and what we can hope to get out of it have been turned on their head, not because I have found a faith to cling to, but because I have seen the proof.  I know too of many people who firmly believe they have had their eyes opened and now recognise just what clear vision can deliver. 

Through the MBSDO's unique teaching  we are able to provide you with all the tools you need to embark upon your own spiritual journey.

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