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1. Clear Vision Fundamentals. Relaxing & Tuning In. Essential Daily Meditations to Relax, Clear Your Mind & Tune In. With Personal Tutor Support.

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Relaxing and Tuning In. How to meditate and visualise. Hello and Welcome! In this certificated programme, delivered with personal tutor support, we present meditations for preparing your mind for Clear Vision Consultations, Spirit Communication and Healing. These Relaxation, Focus and Clarity meditations are the essential foundations you will need for clearing your mind, accessing a greater calmness within, merging with the Universal Energy and familiarising you with techniques you will use in every element of the MBSDO system. You will always be at your best when you work with a mind that is calm and peaceful. Meditation can help us to be more flexible, find alternate ways of looking at things, increase our ability to cope and abandon unproductive ways of thinking, to worry less and relax more. Relaxation is an art in itself and for many of us it does not come easily. These meditations help you merge with the Universal Energy, overcoming an overactive mind, dealing with stress and staying focused on who you are and what you truly want, so that you can deal with modern life, family, work, or a busy schedule If you are overly sensitive, meditation can lend you a far greater inner strength and likewise, if you find you have trouble in relating to your emotions, meditation can develop your insight and help you understand yourself better. Perhaps most importantly, this programme provides you with essential preparations for developing your Clear Vision. Enjoy!

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