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2. Clear Vision Fundamentals. The Background to Consultations. Structure, Do's & Don'ts, Techniques. Legality, Pricing, Privacy & Insurance.

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Want to know how to conduct a Clear Vision Consultation? Wondering what structure and techniques to use? How to conduct yourself and what you should say? What about confidentiality and recording sessions? How much should you charge and should you be insured? In this certificated programme, delivered with personal tutor support, we investigate how to start and complete a consultation, what to look out for and what elements you should include. From the very basics of how you introduce yourself to what you should and should not say, what to ask and what to avoid, all the way through to a summary of the legalities surrounding a consultation and what you should and should not say! Want to know what you don't know about delivering a Consultation, then this course is for you.

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